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There is a $12 fee per year (per tract) to download and print as many as you can prayerfully use in 12 months. (May be renewed annually.)

Remember Me

Remember Me

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Ministry Tract: Remember Me

I AM still your Miracle Worker! I AM the Same Jesus. I AM your Bread of Life. I AM your Prince of Peace. I AM the Way to the Father. I AM your Source of Life. I AM the God Who Heals You. I AM the Resurrection and the Life. FLAT-LINED TIM. . . Tim was bleeding out on the operating table. Tina and I remembered Jesus. Tim’s heart had stopped beating over an hour earlier.  “Live Tim! Live! Live in Jesus’ name, live!” Remember ME!  I AM able to help. (Print on 8 ½” x 14” paper.)

$12 Download for a one-year unlimited print license. All Rights Reserved. May be renewed annually.


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