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Mary A. Bruno, Ph.D.,  
author, and ordained minister, serves with her husband, the Reverend Doctor Rocco Bruno. She is Co-founder and Vice Pres. of Interdenominational Ministries International, and Co-founder/Vice Chancellor of a Bible College and Seminary in Vista, California.

The Lord Jesus – The Messiah – has confirmed His Word through Dr. Bruno’s ministry with miracles of healing, etc. Her talks include humor, witty insights, and Scripture.

She has ministered in the USA and abroad. Turnouts skyrocketed when she presided over the Vista Women’s Aglow. Her “Words in Season” radio broadcast aired in the 1980s and ’90s over KPRZ and KCEO in San Diego County.

As of this writing, Mary and Rocco have driven through forty-seven of the United States (plus Canada Italy, and by the Mexican border) where they sounded the shofar and proclaimed God’s ownership on the land and His blessings upon the people.

She has earned a Ministerial Diploma from L.I.F.E. Bible College; a Master of Theology, and Doctor of Ministry Degree from School of Bible Theology, which awarded her the Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree. She has also earned a Doctor of Theology Degree, from IMI Bible College & Seminary; and Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Pastoral Christian Counseling from Evangelical Theological Seminary.

For Speaking Engagements Contact: 

Dr. Mary A. Bruno
P.O. Box 2107
Vista, CA 92085-2107 USA

email Dr. Bruno: Click below or copy/paste in your email
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