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STUDY GUIDE/JOURNAL – FOR USE WITH – Why shofars Wail in Scripture and Today

STUDY GUIDE/JOURNAL – FOR USE WITH – Why shofars Wail in Scripture and Today

SKU : 10002

A Study Guide/Journal - FOR USE WITH - Why Shofars Wail in Scripture and Today!  

This study guide/journal is designed for individual and group study. Get ready for some surprising interaction with God as He lingers with you and unfolds spiritual truths that will bring understanding of His handiwork during 72 mentions of the shofar in 63 verses in His Holy Word, and His "behind the scenes" involvement in your life as well. Find out what motivated the shofar blowers (including seven angels) and the great victories, failures, and earth-shaking events that happened when and after everyone sounded their shofars. Sometimes it is more fun to experience for one’s self instead of reading about what happened with the other shofar blowers. Therefore, it is time to find out what you can do that has a same or similar impact to that of a shofar’s wail.

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