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How to Make Godly Choices LARGE PRINT

How to Make Godly Choices LARGE PRINT

SKU : 321654987

How to Make Godly Choices LARGE PRINT

This is the Large Print COMPANION BOOK to Dare to Pull Down Strongholds, by Dr. Mary A. Bruno. If you know someone who has had trouble making godly decisions that have good results and needs to stop repeating mistakes with bad results, this book can help to turn his or her life around. A personal guide for teens and adults of all ages to learn God's way to make wholesome choices with terrific outcomes. How to receive Christ. Being a king and priest to God. Spiritual testings and promotions. God's peace. How to rightly apply God's Word to your daily life. Holy Spirit Helper. Safety. God's ways of escape. Double-mindedness. How to think things through. Face the facts. How to recognize the fruit of the Spirit and works of the flesh in yourself and others. How to determine what source is behind an opportunity. What to consider when dating: purity, unequal yokes, violence, and how to recognize abusers and imposters. Tattoos and piercings. Labels. God's spiritual correction and rewards. How choices will affect others. What God says about alcohol. Tithing and finances. Steps for setting realistic and measurable goals. A simple and effective plan for understanding and memorizing 100 Bible verses (that qualifies the reader to receive a Certificate for Scripture Memorization from IMI Bible College & Seminary). $12.99 + tax, S&H in Continental US.

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