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Dare to Pull Down Strongholds LARGE PRINT

Dare to Pull Down Strongholds LARGE PRINT

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Dare to Pull Down Strongholds! Now is the Time! LARGE PRINT

This is the Large Print COMPANION BOOK to How to Make Godly Choices, by Mary A. Bruno, Ph.D.
What you always wondered about for how to deal with strongholds but did not know where to look for answers.
Learn when to command and when to pray.
How to use your authority in Christ.
Compare Old Testament priestly garments and anointing with New Testament armor and anointing.
Learn how to exercise your God-given authority over unclean spirits and command them to leave.
How to identify strongholds.
How to confront and overthrow strongholds and take the victory.
How Jesus dealt with diseases and demons.
How to get free, stay free, and set others free!

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